Dead ReadyNAS NVX+

Oh joy, my slightly ancient NAS has died. It’s had a tough life, initially discarded by a previous workplace it has sat in a data cabinet in my shed for about 8 years, sucking in all manner of dust and gunk. Occasionally I would feel guilty & give it a blast with compressed air to clear it out a little.

This time it looks like the PSU has carked it. After a bit of faffing about I had it cracked open and sure enough there was no power to the unit and at least one suspicious capacitor was visible once the PSU was inspected. I know from experience these things are a bugger to fix, so I cut off the cables close to the case and chucked it to the e-waste bin.

Too cramped to try a repair

A quick search revealed that IF I could find a replacement then it would be silly expensive to ship to Australia.

Original PSU details if you need them

A further search also unearthed some others who had fallen foul of this issue and managed to revive their NAS using a standard ATX power supply with a few tweaks. Being the thrifty fellow I am, I decided to go down that path and ordered myself a nice new ATX supply online.

So what are the steps to get the juice flowing to the NAS?
1. Take out the old dead PSU
2. Give everything a good clean
3. Cut the cables off the old PSU close to the case, you will need these
4. Bin the old PSU
5. Scrounge / order an ATX supply
6. Merge the old cable with that of the new PSU using this super helpful document
7. Slap it back together & see if it’s happy

Steps one to five were easy. Step six was a little more of a bodge job as we have recently moved and I could find neither soldering iron or heat gun. No fear, as any self respecting sparkie would, I used some single screw connectors to get the job done until a soldering device reveals itself as we unpack.

Add a bit of protective material for the cables where they sneak through the back of the NAS and we’re good to go. Note that I kept the original plug with the original cable configuration as I may need an ATX PSU for testing some time in the future. I’ll just pinch it off the NAS when that need arises.

Rough and ready, but does the job

Happily this worked a treat and I copied our precious files to my shiny new QNAP NAS. This good old NVX will now become a second backup so I know I have two copies of the important things in two different locations.